* Next Class 10th September 13

* Tuesday Night  7.00 pm sharp! (The first class starts at 6.45pm to get the "paper work" side done first ... then the fun begins at 7pm!)

* Classes run for 4 weeks and cost $98.00 (to be paid in full on the 1st night at reception).

* Experienced vet nurse/puppy class trainer is Lorelei who is just lovely and knows all you need to know and more.


What do you get? Knowledge and advice from our lovely & experienced trainer who by the way is also a qualified vet nurse. A free 3kg bag of premuim puppy food to help your little one on the road to good nutition. A $60.00 voucher book full of goodies and discounts and a ball thrower for all the fun times ahead :)

  * Classes are held in a warm secure area within the practise at 199 Canning Highway South Perth.

 * For bookings and dates for future classes please call All creatures South Perth on 9474 3360

 Puppy class gives your new dog a chance to learn valuable social skills as well as receive basic behavioral training.... It is the best start you can give your new pup.

Puppies develop quickly in the early months and these months are crucial in laying the foundations for positive behavior patterns. Each year hundreds of dogs are surrendered, abandoned and euthanised for behavioural problems that could have been fixed with training and behavioural knowledge in the early stages.

Our classes are run by Lorelei, a highly qualified veterinary nurse who has many years experience under her belt. Lorelei uses positive re-inforcement and give clear, easy to follow insttructions so you can practice at home. They will also give you plenty of 1st class info on health & well being. All while you puppy is busy making new friends!

Puppy class is also the place where you can ask questions and get information about any behaviour issues you may have.