Microchipping is permanent identification. This means if your cat or dog goes astray even if they lose their collars and tags (which is often the case) they can still be traced back to you. They can be scanned at practically all veterinary practices in Australia as well as most animal shelters and dog pounds.

The chip itself is about the size of a rice grain and is inserted under the skin between your pets shoulder blades. It is no more painful than an injection and takes seconds.  It can be done when your pet is being desexed or having surgery or on its own when you visit the vet.  You will be given a form with your microchip number on the top and your personal details and contact numers on the bottom. The original copy goes off to the national database, we keep a copy on our file and another copy stays with you.

Its crucial that you file your copy safely and contact the number/address on the form if you move house or change phone numbers. Its a quick easy process and will give you peace of mind where ever you are.