Meet the Team

 The staff at All creatures are well trained, experienced professionals. In saying that,  this is a field where the learning never stops and we are constantly educating ourselves on new products and innovations.  We pride ourselves on care, knowledge and skill. We believe people, friendliness and courtesy make a difference and aim to make visits to our clinic positive experiences for you and your pet.

The whole team are, of course, all big animal lovers and have pets/babies of our own. This means we are able to understand your needs and concerns on both a professional and personal level.

Our team comprises, vets, nurses, dog trainers, groomers and even our own photographer.  Many of our vets and nurses have thier own specialties and areas of interest. Theres not much we havent got covered here at All creatures Great and Small and theres not many questions we havent heard before. So feel free to ask on your next visit.

When you call to make an appointment, especially for the first time, we get as much information on your pet as we can and also some details on yourself.  Just so its fair we thought you might like to know what we look like and have some details on us as well!

 Just click on the pull down screens on the 'meet the team' tab to find the area you are looking for.